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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Basis of Service

1.1 These are the terms and conditions of London Sound and Light (LSL). All hires and services provided by LSL are subject to these terms and conditions, and the customer agrees that by using the services provided by LSL, that they are bound by these terms and conditions.
1.2 These terms and conditions may, at any time, be amended by LSL. The customer is bound to the terms and conditions at the time of the hire, or, in cases where sufficient time remains before a hire commences, the customer shall be bound by any changes in the terms and conditions provided they are informed in writing and given ample opportunity to cancel/amend the hire.

Payments and Charges

2.1 The rates displayed on the website are provided as a guide only and LSL reserves the right to change prices and rates.
2.2 The customer agrees to the rate at the time of booking .
2.3 Unless expressly agreed in writing prior to the event/hire, the customer agrees to make payment in GBP. Where other currencies are accepted, LSL reserves the right to set the exchange rate, and if it is deemed necessary, apply a charge for this service.
2.4 Forms of payment that may be used are; Cash, Bank transfer, Credit/Debit card, Paypal, Cheque.
2.5 Cash payments must be made using direct deposit in a bank. Cash on delivery, or cash payments to an employee of LSL are not accepted.
2.6 Any discount noted on an invoice is subject to payment being made within the time frame specified. Any late payments will automatically void any discounts provided.
2.7 Payment must be made 72 hours or more prior to an event/hire date. Failure to pay in this time will automatically void any discounts applied and the full amount will be due.
2.8 Where payment terms have been agreed in writing, the customer agrees to abide by these arrangements. Failure to make payment when agreed will automatically void any discounts. If payment is made after the agreed date, LSL will apply a 5% fee for every 30 days the invoice remains unpaid.
2.9 LSL reserve the right to demand payment of an account, whether due or not, at any time.


2.2.1 Cancellation of an order must be made within 14 days of payment being received for the services outlined on the invoice. Any refund after this time period is at the discretion of LSL.
2.2.2 Where an event takes place within 14 days of payment being received, the customer waives all rights to refund as laid out in the Consumer Contracts Regulations.
2.2.3 Any refund issued at the discretion of LSL after the statutory 14 period may incur admin charges or 25%.


3.1 LSL may ask the customer for identification.
3.2 LSL may hold on to original copies of identification during the hire period.
3.3 Identification will be securely stored and will not be shown to anyone outside of the company without the express consent of the customer.
3.4 Should any illegal activity be suspected, LSL reserve the right to disclose the customers identification to the police or other relevant authority.
3.5 Accepted forms of ID are; UK Passport, UK Driver’s License, Utility Bill, Council Tax Bill. All ID showing an address must be current and from within the last 3 months.
3.6 LSL reserves the right to change the required ID at ANY time.


4.1 All equipment hired by LSL remains the property of the company at ALL times. A customer must at no time sell, sub-hire or modify the equipment.
4.2 Any damage caused to the equipment must be paid for by the customer. The hire charge will be extended for every day the equipment is out of action.
4.3 LSL does not sell equipment that is used for hire. At no time should the client consider the equipment to be owned by them.

Use of Equipment

5.1 Although LSL staff may provide advice at times, it is ultimately the customer’s responsibility to make sure that equipment hired is suitable for purpose.
5.2 It is assumed that the customer knows how to use any equipment hired to them. If the customer is not capable of safely using hired equipment, the customer MUST ask LSL to provide technical support. LSL reserves the right to charge for technical support.
5.3 Equipment must be used within manufacturer’s guidelines. Manuals are available upon request.
5.4 Any misuse of equipment hired by the customer entitles LSL to recover the equipment without warning or penalty. Any damage will be chargeable.
5.5 If at any point the customer removes the casing from any item of equipment, they will be charged IN FULL for the item to be replaced whether damage is caused or not. The customer may keep the tampered item.
5.6 Should the equipment be stolen or lost, the customer is responsible for replacing the item. The full original purchase price must be paid.
5.7 The customer is required to have insurance for all equipment hired.
5.8 No service or repair is allowed to be attempted by anyone other than LSL or someone acting directly on behalf of LSL. No exceptions.
5.9 Any 3rd party equipment used in conjunction with equipment hired from LSL must be safe and properly maintained. Any damage caused to equipment hired from LSL as a result of 3rd party equipment, must be paid for.

Delivery / Collection

6.1 Delivery of items to an address on a dry hire basis will be to the front door or where adequate parking is not arranged, to the nearest available parking space.
6.2 The customer is responsible to collect and return the items to the delivery vehicle. All items must be returned in the order they were delivered i.e Clean, undamaged and packed away in the proper cases
6.3 If set up and pack down of the equipment has been booked, adequate parking will need to be provided within 50 meters of the event location’s entrance. If adequate parking is not provided, LSL reserve the right to charge for any costs incurred, whether this is additional time/ man power, or any parking fines.

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